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  • Alison Grambs

    Alison Grambs

    Comedy Writer, Author, and Performer — www.AlisonGrambs.com

  • Astrid Adam

    Astrid Adam

    Writer and marketer based in New York, New York.

  • Tara Roberts

    Tara Roberts

    Tara Roberts is a writer, educator, mother and ice-cream enthusiast from Moscow, Idaho. She is not usually very funny, especially in her bios.

  • Libby Marshall

    Libby Marshall

    A writer from Chicago. Libby-Marshall.com

  • Emily Flake

    Emily Flake

    New Yorker cartoonist. Writer. Performer. Baker of pies. Owner of cat. Wife of man. Mother of child. www.emilyflake.com. @EmilyFlake

  • Shelley Lerea

    Shelley Lerea

    I love to write, especially humorous pieces. I also enjoy reading, exercising, and laughing!

  • Meisha Rosenberg

    Meisha Rosenberg

  • Linnea Cooley

    Linnea Cooley

    Linnea Cooley is humor writer and essayist. Follow them on twitter @linnea_cooley or visit their website linneacooley.weebly.com

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